Organizational Structure

The Board of Director
The highest organ of the Association is the Board of directors, consists of 13 members; all are leading Women represents geographic and professional diversity. The Board has responsibility for oversight of the strategic direction, implementation of objectives and general follow-up of programs in their geographic region. The AWCSW board is composed of 100% women, and headed by Mrs.Fadwa Barghouthy, after the decease of Mrs. Rabiha Diab  the Former Minister of Women’s Affairs.  A new AWCSW Board of Directors was composed on 22 May , 2016 and consists of 13 members:

  • Mrs. Fadwa al-Barghouthi - Head of AWCSW
  • Ms. Mariam Hudeib - Secretary
  • Mrs. Afaf Kayed  - Treasure
  • Mrs. Khawla Qaraq’  - Vice head of AWCSW
  • Ms. Dalal Salameh - Member
  • Ms. Wajeha Qarabsa - Member
  • Mrs. Sumaya  El Bar  - Member
  • Mrs. Wafa’ Hab Elreeh  - Member
  • Mrs. Naeeme Eisa  - Member
  • Mrs. Etidal Hamdan - Member
  • Mrs. Maha Abu Ramadan - Member
  • Mrs. Buthaina Eisa - Member
  • Mrs. Jihad Abu Zneid-Member


AWCSW Subcommittees
As an independent, Palestinian women organization, the AWCSW serves the local communities through its subcommittees in towns, villages and refugee camps. These subcommittees operate on voluntary, semi-independent basis, in support of the AWCSW’s mission, goals and programs. Their main task is to determine and try to meet the specific needs of local women, often in coordination with the AWCSW head office in Ramallah.

They implement small programs based on the needs of women and/or children in their particular community, such as home-embroidery, literacy classes, and regular, local women meetings to address issues of common interest. Usually, these branches operate from local kindergartens, nurseries or small women/children centers/libraries that were established by the AWCSW. Their work is regularly monitored and evaluated by the Board Members.


Executive Team
Strong executive team of 4 professionals, supervised by the Head of AWCSW, carries out the daily work of the main office of the Association in Ramallah. This executive team is responsible of the daily execution of AWCSW programs and projects.

  • Mrs. Hadeel Hamdan- Director General
  • Mrs. Fatima Rasheed - Administrative Manager
  • Mr. Ashraf Awad - Financial Manger
  • Mr. Naser Asali - Accountant


Professional Project Staff

The Head of AWCSW appoints all program and project staff, including Project manager and senior coordinators. This staff is responsible for the overall management, implementation, monitoring and reporting functions of all projects and programs housed in the Department of Public Relations and Programs.