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Association of Women’s Committees for Social Work Offers Grants to Ten Village Councils in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates

Within the framework of “Enhancing Palestinian Women’s Participation in Political and Public Life” program that is funded by UN Women/FGE, AWCSW has signed contracts to offer $3,000 to each of the ten targeted villages in order to implement initiatives of small projects. This was attended by representatives of local bodies and grass root organizations. However, these grants aim at meeting one of the main community needs deduced by subcommittees and are employed to enhance women’s participation in their villages in a way that highlights their role in meeting their communities’ needs.
The submitted initiatives point toward settling up a sewing center in Beit ‘Ur Altahta in Rmallah governorate, a meeting place for Kharbtha Bani Harith women, students’ service center in Kharbtha al-Misbah, and a project for women’s handcraft and their economic and political empowerment in Saffa. The initiatives also directed toward rehabilitating girls to manage a center for student’s services in Beit-Sira.
In Jenin governorate, a students’ service center is going to be settled up in Fahme and Kufr Ra’I, a sewing center in Al-Yamun, fitness center in Al-Sila al-Harithiya, as well as locating seats in Burqin.