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Project for People with Special Needs in Villages of West Ramallah

Within the initiative of running a project for people with special needs in villages located in the west of Ramallah, AWCSW conducted a meeting with Mr. Khalid Zeidan, a Deputy General Manager, and Mr. Qassam Albarghothi, a Project Director at Palestine of Tomorrow Organization. The meeting was attended by heads and members of the local councils of Beit-Sira, Kharbtha Bani Harith, Beit ‘Ur, Saffa, and Kharbtha al-Misbah villages in Ramallah that are addressed in "Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" program.
Additionally, the meeting addressed the ways Palestine of Tomorrow can contribute in to meet the development needs of these villages. The attendants have pointed out the five villages’ desire of having a building for people with special needs with facilities to meet their health, therapeutic, and educational needs. According to attendants, there are 10% of people with physical, speech, and learning disabilities in these five villages who are lacking the enough care or any other opportunity to find any.
However, Mr. Zeidan praised the idea and expressed Palestine of Tomorrow’s intention of providing all the necessary support for the initiative and of following up with the villages’ representatives in cooperation with AWCSW.