Our Strategy


The AWCSW always sought to maintain a unique positioning among Palestinian NGO’s and seeks to continue its role as advocate of women's rights, promoter of women capacities, and driving force of social change. To this end, AWCSW wages much effort to develop innovative projects, methods and models that tend to promote the educational, social, economical and political development of Palestinian Women, in order to attain gender-equality in a democratic Palestinian society. AWCSW strategic plan is developed every three-years by the BoD, within the framework of its mission and strategic objectives to guide the Association in developing its program plan in the coming years, building on achievements and accomplishments to further improve our work and ensure sustainability, independence and a high qualitative and quantitative service to our communities.

There is still much that needs to be done, but there are also many achievements that we can build on, AWCSW strategy now continues the journey building on previous achievements to further benefit the Palestinian Society.  It affirms AWCSW commitment to sustainable effective community development through a community-driven development approach, within this framework of its mission and strategic objectives AWCSW has set three priority areas for its work of 2017-2022

  1. Advocating for women’s rights, eliminating discrimination against women including GBV .
  2. Promoting Palestinian Women's active Political  participation  and representation for high level positions.
  3. Develop and maintain networking and collaborative partnerships with Civil society organization, Acadamic and govermental institutions. 
  4. Activate and Enhance the role of media in promoting gender equality and eliminate violence against women.

“In this time of revolutionary change in the Arab world, we reach out to our partners and all others that are committed to gender equality to support the implementation of our programs”.