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Launching Conference of Committees Promoting Women’s Participation in Political Life

Ramallah- AWCSW conducted a conference to launch committees promoting women’s participation in political life with the participation of the Minister of Women’s Affairs Ms. Rabeeha Diab and Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governor Ms. Laila Ghannam at Caesar Hotel in Ramallah. The conference was also attended by the coordinator of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Mr. Alaa Ayesh, General Manager of the Gender Unit in the Ministry of Local Governance, Ms. Hanan Imseh, Programs Manager at Sharek Youth Forum, Ms. Laila Daibs, beside a number of representatives of General Union of Palestinian Women, representatives of Women’s Affairs Technical Committee, women associations, and directors and members of local bodies from the ten targeted villages of "Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" program in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates.
The conference celebrated AWCSW continual work and effort made in one whole year. The aim of the conference is to launch committees enhancing and promoting women’s role in politics. The committees consist of an advisory one that is national and represented by representatives of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Local Governance, Ramallah Governor, Jenin Governor, partner non-governmental organizations, beside other social and media professionals and members of local bodies. On the other hand, the sub-committees are represented locally by directors and representatives of local bodies and grass root organizations, women activists, and TAWASOL centers in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates.
In addition, the conference revealed in a series of sessions a number of perspectives emphasizing the importance of promoting women’s role in social and political lives. Other sessions introduced the needs of the targeted areas and the suggested solutions presented by representatives of local bodies. During the conference, a personal story on women’s role in politics has been presented by Ms. Siham Al-Barghouthi, Deputy Chairman of Palestine Democratic Union (FIDA), and another story on women’s role in society represented by Ms. Nibal Thawabta, Manager of Media Development Centre. By the end of the conference, Ms. Wafaa’ AlQadi, Coordinator at TAWASOL Centre in Jericho, expressed her appreciation of the conference successful operations.