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AWCSW First Meeting on Enhancing Women’s Participation in Political and Public Sphere

AWCSW and Sharek Youth Forum launched an official advisory committee of 32 members and 10 elected women from local councils and bodies within the framework of "Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" program. Also, they defined the committee’s system and it social, political, and economic problematic issues in order to implement its goal of supporting women with the cooperation of official bodies.
The formation of the committee has been carried out yesterday in a meeting conducted by AWCSW with the cooperation of Sharek Youth Forum at City Inn Palace Hotel in Al-Bireh. The meeting was attended by members of sub-committees, central committee, advisory committee, and members of local councils and bodies from 10 villages in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates.
The women activists delivered the mutual decisions of the sub-committees to the central one to be transformed into an action plan to be carried out during the upcoming 6 months with the cooperation of Sharek Youth Forum. The women activists asserted that the commitment of the committees’ members is essential to promote the role of women in marginalized areas and support the goals of the program.
Additionally, the women activists illustrated the internal structure of both the sub and central committees and the internal system of the advisory one within the framework of enhancing women’s participation in social and political life. Also, they defined the roles of the central and sub committees in their areas of providing services and building centers, hospitals, and schools for citizens.
Ms. Nermeen AlQadi, Projects Coordinator at Sharek Youth Forum, stated, “We have worked hard with AWCSW in defining the needs of villages in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates. We were aiming at promoting women’s role in developing their communities. Recently, we have developed sub-committee and about to develop a central one. The tasks of the sub-committees are revolved around deducing the needs of villages and communities and transform any mutual needs to the central committee to provide support and assistance”.
Ms. Nermeen added that the roles of the sub and central committees are ranged from providing services to building hospitals and schools to serve citizens. Also, she expressed her hope of working out a structure to govern the work of both the sub and central committees.
Said Awad-Allah, the Manager of "Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" program at AWCSW, provided a brief summary of the program and achieved progress. He asserted that the project targets elected women in local bodies and leaders of various local institutions as associations and socially effective families. He also clarified that the program targets 10 villages in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates and aims at developing local networks for women to promote and activate their role in political and social fields.
Mr. Said added, “These networks were developed and launch in October. The networks consist of advocacy groups of 40 women. Based on these groups, sub-committees consisting of 4 women were formed in each village.” He continued by finally pointing out that the first level of the network is a community-based one, represented through advocacy groups and individuals from all areas, the two sub-committees in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates, and the advisory committee. He emphasized, however, that the management process of the advisory structure and agenda is the main topic of today’s meeting.