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AWCSW and Al-Quds Open University Discuss the Needs of University Female Students’ in the Presence of Women of Local Councils within the Framework of "Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" Program

In a gesture is considered the first of its kind held the Association of women's committees for social - public relations and projects a special meeting that collected the Jerusalem open University with members of local Councils  Representatives of Palestinian villages and towns of the governorates of Ramallah and Jenin, and discussed the most important issues and needs of university students, the meeting was held in the administration building Jerusalem Open University in the presence of the dean of student affairs, Dr. Mohammad Shahin and responsible Student Affairs Section, Professor Yassin Ryan branch of Ramallah and Al-Bireh , Mr. Bahaa al-Khatib, director of public relations and Mr. Sam Kamil, director of the student activities.
The gesture based on the most important aspects, which was highlighted by the Jamahiriya meetings carried out by the Women's University Students Union management target population groupings in First Step to meet and address the needs of student with many of the problems from which students inside the university campus, university scholarships, and the subject of the additional fees charged by the University to students at registration, as well as to the league's policy with regard to books University. Here, and in the light of that ended the meeting by referring to the role of the Student Council, and the seriousness of work to update its membership their residencies and integration of the largest possible number of students within the Council, where the University showed complete readiness to cooperate with the Union in an attempt to renew members within the Council of students.
It should be noted that the program of promoting women's participation in political life and community funding comes from the United Nations gender equality, the empowerment of women, and the national strategic priorities and mobilizing capacities to support the Palestinian women in all areas in order to promote the organization of efforts and energies Palestinian women to participate in all political, social and economic activities in advancing in all gatherings and at both the national and Social Council.