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A Training Session

With a view to empower Palestinian women in political and social life, the association of women committees for social work - General Directorate of Public Relations and projects recently concluded a training session under the title "ways of reviews and formulation of projects and budgets" that targeted women from members of the local councils, activists from shabatna encounter with Palestinian women.
The program of promoting women's participation in political life and community was financed from the United Nations to achieve gender equality and empowerment of women, and the national strategic priorities and mobilizing capacities to support the Palestinian women in all areas in order to enhance the march of efforts and energies of Palestinian women to participate in all political, social and economic activities in advancing in all communities and national and community levels.
The training session targeted as a whole 50 of society ladies of community activists and local bodies and a group of university students, as well as to a number of community activists from several populations of Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, and Jenin, it is mentioned that the session had lasted twelve days as a whole and provided approximately 50 hours of training.
In a series of activities of the Program's many activities conducted by the training events and implemented by the competent institution of the path for consultation and training Ms. Aliaa al-saksak and Professor Aref Jaffal applies to several of the most prominent of which is how to design and writing projects and commensurate with the necessary tools to recruit funding or voluntary contributions and the importance of self-motivation and invest the time, as well as to how to assess the reality and capabilities of local councils and why is the building funding plans with in-depth principles of fundamentals of planning in all its aspects to build and writing projects and budgets based on the requirements to enable our ladies women of project proposals level of funding immediately after the completion of the session.
It should be noted that this program has continued over the targeting of more than 80 teams of Afro-Colombian women activists from the women and girls of the populations in all of Ramallah and Al Bireh governorate and Jenin.

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