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A Series of Workshops and Meetings to Define the Social Needs of Ten Palestinian Villages


After a series of workshops conducted by Association of Women’s Committees for Social Work/Public Relations and Programs Department on proposal writing and budget preparation, a number of follow-up meetings resulted in defining the social needs of ten Palestinian villages. These needs were worded in proposals to be funded within AWCSW preparatory phase of funding proposals and initiatives within the framework of “Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" program. The ten villages are located in Ramallah and Jenin Governorates; namely, Kharbtha Bani Harith, Kharbtha al-Misbah, Beit-Sira, Saffa, Beit ‘Ur, Burqin, Fahme, Kufr Ra’i, and Al-Sila al-Harithiya.
The workshops were attended by women from local bodies and the villages’ councils, leader women, representatives of grass root organizations, and female university students. Mr. Aref Jaffal directed the workshops under the supervision of AWCSW. The proposals resulted from the workshops were of small development projects that are enriched by considerate thoughts aimed in general at empowering women in the targeted areas.
It’s important to note that this meeting came within the scope of "Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" program that is funded by the United Nations entity of gender equality and women’s empowerment/UN Women. However, it’s a national priority to develop a strategy directed toward supporting women’s social, economic, and political role to be active participants at national and social levels.