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An initiative to Design and Implement an Informative and Strategic Plan Aims at Addressing Palestinian Women’s Situation

Association of Women’s Committees for Social Work/Public Relations and Programs Department has conducted a meeting to design and implement an informative and strategic plan to enhance women’s participation in political and social life. The meeting was attended by Ms. Majida Maarouf, Head of Public Relations and Information Department at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Ms. Niveen Abu Alezz, Head of External Information Department at the Ministry of Information, Ms. Amani Asmar, representative of Public Relations and Information at the Ministry of Local Governance, Ms. Rawa’ Barghouthi, representative of the Palestinian Centre of Peace and Democracy, Ms. Nahda abu Tuaima and Ms. Wafa’ Salem, Coordinators at Media Development Center at Ber Zeit University, and Mr. Alaa’ Ayesh, representative of the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.
The purpose of the meeting is to develop an informative strategy addressing women’s role in politics and society. Mr. Said Awadallah, Program Manager, stated the importance of developing the strategy for AWCSW and community and the significance of the cooperation of women’s associations in adopting the strategy in their current and future programs.
A proposed strategy by informative officials was presented by Mr. Khalid Alfaqeh and Mr. Ahmad Albarghouthi who both clarified it theoretically before illustrating the needed practical steps for it to be implemented till the end of the current year.
Toward the end of the meeting, the discussion involved audience who enriched the debate with thoughtful notes and experiences that support the importance of developing a strategy cares about women’s related issues.
It’s worth mentioning that this meeting came within the framework of "Enhancing Palestinian Women's Participation in Public and Political Life" program that is funded by the United Nations entity of gender equality and women’s empowerment/UN Women. However, it’s a national priority to develop a strategy directed toward supporting women’s social, economic, and political role to be active participants at national and social levels.