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The Association of women's committees for social awareness workshop in laws regulations and regulations governing bodies of local municipalities and village councils in the provinces of Ramallah and Jenin Within the program of promoting women's participation in political life and community

With a view to empower Palestinian women in the political and social life of recently concluded the federation of women's committees for social - public relations and projects addressed a series of awareness-raising workshops in which laws, regulations and regulations governing the operation of local governing bodies on the basis of the constitutional legal, financial and technical Ministry of Local Government in each of the provinces of Ramallah and Jenin targeted 50  members of local bodies of municipalities (Village Councils) activists from the community, as well as to the collection of Palestinian young men and women.
Come a series of awareness-raising, which was led by the Union were carried out by the expert counsel Halima Abu salab to applies several aspects of the most prominent of which is to provide the participants target the knowledge bases and rules of Palestinian local bodies to build on good local governance as a guideline to achieve sustainable development included work on community-based programs directly linking need Palestinian population centers in the target areas of the program. It should be noted that the methodology of awareness has been built on the techniques of adult education and participation and discussion in addition to the focus on the delivery of information through simulation realistic examples to reflect Palestinian context when considering the social and economic reality of the burden within Palestinian communities in the target areas. Turning effectively to address and debate historical context local councils in Palestine as basic law and local bodies and live seminars and certificates to the realities of local government in Palestine.
The program of promoting women's participation in political life and community-based financing of the United Nations gender equality and the empowerment of women, and the national strategic priorities and mobilizing capacities to support the Palestinian women in all areas in order to enhance the march of efforts and energies of Palestinian women to participate in all political, social and economic activities in advancing in all communities and national and community levels.
It should be noted that this program has continued over the targeting of women in ten of the Palestinian villages of Afro-Colombian women activists teams of women and girls in the population groupings of Ramallah and Al-Bireh and Jenin.